Fun Things to do with your Residential Community on Halloween

There are less people trying to move during the fall and winter.  This gives you more time to connect with your community.  There are a lot of low cost ways that you can engage your community and create a livelier atmosphere in the apartment complex.

1. Dress up for Halloween

On the day of or leading up to Halloween, all of the property management staff can dress up in a costume of their own choosing.  This will give your residents a laugh when they see maintenance staff dressed as zombies as they water the plants or when they see a witch sitting at the front desk with a witch’s brew.  There is little to no cost to implement this because everyone is playing a small role in dressing up for the event.

2. Haunted Apartments

This is the most elaborate way you can celebrate Halloween with your residents.  Your property management company may not be able to afford to make a haunted apartment event by itself, but it doesn’t have to.  The best way to get an event like this organized is by coordinating with your residents to make various rooms into the haunted apartments tour.  This helps to get your residents involved in your apartment community and to get neighbors more acquainted with each other.

3. Halloween Party

If the haunted apartments idea requires too many moving parts for your taste, hosting a Halloween party is an excellent alternative.  This is even better than the haunted apartments idea for building engagement between members of your community.  It’s relatively inexpensive to place decorations, music, food and games into a public space/room.  1-2 hours is a good time length.

4. Easy Halloween Decorations


Pumpkins are very inexpensive decoration.  If you’re worried about the smell/decay of the pumpkins around your property, you don’t necessarily have to make jack-o-lanterns out of them.  The pumpkins will last a lot longer if they are simply sitting next to doorways or on tables and desks.

Spider Webs

It’s easy to decorate a whole room with spider web decorations.  This is also an extremely budget friendly item to use for decorating.

Window Decorations

The best thing about these is that they are reusable.  This is the perfect decoration for the manager’s office windows and for windows at the front lobby or the facility.

5. Gift Candy Bags

This is medium in its cost and a great way to give back to your community members.  If some of your residents didn’t get a chance to get to your Halloween event, this can ensure that everyone shares in the Halloween fun.

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