We All Know Who Santa Claus Is, Or Do We?

We all know who Santa Claus is, or do we?

The bearded Jolly fella we let into our homes and around our personal belongings, I think we all agree it’s a great thing what he does for us every year – delivering presents and fulfilling the wishes of millions of kids every Christmas. But has anyone even bothered to check into this man we let near our friends and families’ homes every year? I mean, who is he really – Kris Kringle – Saint Nicholas – Santa Claus – Father Christmas? With so many aliases, can we trust him? For all we know, instead of coming in with bags of gifts, he could be leaving our homes with bags of money and valuables.

theRRD decided to catch up with Mr. Claus and see if we could have a conversation with him and fortunately he was in the process of securing a new barn for his team of helpers so we were able to quickly run a background and credit check plus search our incident reporting database. We can safely say that Kris Kringle A K A Santa Clause has a perfect credit score and not one blemish on his background check - well he had one but the family of the late burger meister has since rescinded their accusation.

theRRD feels that it is safe to allow Mr. Claus into your home this coming Christmas. Happy Holidays!

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