6 Creepy Houses you Should be Happy you Don’t Manage!

We selected 6 houses for their creepiness factor.  Some are haunted, others are just freaky.  All of them are nearly untenable.

1: This Silent House on the Hill

Actually, this house doesn’t look all that bad.  All you need to do is…

Re-roof, Paint the sides, Replace the windows, landscaping.  Oh wait, that’s a lot of things.  There’s something creepy about a house sitting alone on a hill, especially with the leafless trees in front.

2: This Crooked Property in Black and White

This house isn’t haunted, but it sure looks classic.  It’s crooked in all of the right places.  Even if it isn’t haunted, we can’t imagine it would be a fun place to stay the night.

3: This Creepy Overnight Stay in Sweden

This house has a rich history of hauntings and in modern day is a restaurant and inn. Many apparitions of women have been seen.  One former resident accounts to being thrown from his chair on many occasions by an unknown force.  If you successfully stay the night you win a certificate that says so!

4: This Deceptively Innocent Looking Murder Location

YES.  This house is actually haunted.  This house may look innocent, but it is the site of an 8 PERSON AXE MURDER IN THEIR SLEEP kind of haunted.  Many of the victims were children.  Doors slam and then re-open.  Often cries can be heard inside the home.  Tenants have been known to come running out of the place in complete terror in the middle of the night.

5: This Monstrosity of Horror

This is called called the Summerwind Mansion and it is equally as haunted as it looks!  Nobody knows why it became haunted, but the hauntings started almost immediately after it was built.  The original home owners abandoned the property after the cellar doors flew open while the family was at dinner and a full apparition of a man walked into the dining room.  This mansion is towards the top of our list because the hauntings have been consistent.

6. This Famous Haunted Cottage

Doesn’t this place just ooze creepy?  This is the Bell Witch house.  The story is in the name.  This house was the home to the Bell family who were pioneers in Tennessee.  They identified the entity that haunts the location as a witch because of its abilities and because it is female.  The “Bell Witch” has the ability to recite the sermons of preachers in the local town as they happen.  It is also particularly violent; able to pull hair, hit people, etc.  This is a good place to stay away from.

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