Landing the Real Estate Job You’ve Always Wanted

The Real Estate industry is an easy one to get into, but you will never be able to perfect your career.  There will always be room for improvement.  Here are some suggestions for improving your fit for that perfect real estate job you have always been looking to get into.

General Self Improvement

Start Small and Build:

If you’re new to the industry, it is beneficial to get any general work experience associated with the industry that you can.  You can start out as a property management assistant or as a marketing/executive assistant without prior real estate experience and work your way up.  Just being involved in a real estate company will build you a working knowledge in real estate that will propel you to your next position whether through a promotion or going on to your next company.  

Get Proper Registrations and Certifications: 

You’d be surprised how many people apply for higher positions in real estate that do not have the proper certifications for the position.  While it is not required for you to have certifications for many real estate positions, this will put your resume ahead of the pack.  These certifications are easy to get and are even attainable while you are working!

Polish your Resume:

Many of your skills are applicable to real estate.  Make sure that the unnecessary fluff is gone and take some extra steps to pinpoint the skills you have that are immediately useful in the real estate industry.

In the Interview…

Have a plan of action:

Be able to tell the interviewer how you will go about tackling your position.  If you’re applying to be a marketing assistant, create a customized marketing portfolio showing some basic design and strategy ideas for the company.  They’ll be very impressed that you went to that effort.  A similar strategy will also be good for anyone applying to become a real estate agent.  If you’re going down more of a property management route, be able to identify and address how you would respond to general problems or challenges associated with the position.  The more that you are able to develop a personalized plan of action, the more impressive you will be perceived. 

Ask Questions:

Have many questions about the job position and its procedures.  You’re not expected to know everything there is to know about the job position, but you are expected to want to continually learn more.  If you are not proactively asking about the job, it may indicate to the interviewer that you’re just looking for a job because you need a job and not because you’re particularly interested in the industry.  

Write a Thank You letter:

Just like the certifications, you’d be surprised how many people don’t bother to write a thank you letter after the interview.  What the thank you letter shows is that you were willing to go to that extra step to follow up with the interviewee.  If you’re applying to be a real estate agent, the thank you letter is imperative because you’ll be following up with clients for the rest of your career.  If you’re not able to follow up after the interview, it’s not a good sign to the interviewer.