Property Insurance Coverage

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Property Insurance protects against all of these things...

  • Storms and other natural disasters: If a tree falls on your roof after a storm, or a tornado rips through the area.  You want to be covered.
  • Fire: House fires are very common.  Whether it’s a cigarette butt that is misplaced, or spark from your oven, or even a fire that spreads from neighbors, you need to be protected against this risk.
  • Lightning: Every home and tall building has high likelihood of attracting lightning.  The impact can cause severe roof damage and burns and of course, fires.
  • Earthquake: Depending on the area you live in, earthquakes can be a significant risk to your property.
  • Explosion: This happens in more ways than just by an individual with malicious intent.  If you accidently leave the gas stove on after putting out the flame or if there is a gas leak in your home, you can have explosion that will just about destroy the entire property.
  • Impact damage: Often times this is the fault of somebody else, but you can’t always expect them to have enough coverage to cover all of the expenses of the damage that they caused when they crashed your car through your wall.  If you can’t collect, your insurance can back you up.
  • Malicious damage: Some friends mean well with a harmless prank, but it turns into a big disaster.  Or sometimes there is a neighborhood crisis.  Other times there can be riots or other protests that can cause damage to your property.  There is no such thing as being too prepared.

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