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Receive Substantial Referral Fees for

Property Insurance 

If you (or a client) are looking for property insurance or when your insurance comes up for renewal, please consider using The RRD to quote your policy.  Our insurance partners have decades of experience getting your property the best rates and coverage.  As an added thank you, you can receive up to $1000 for each property you refer to us depending on the size of the property.  If you refer yourself over, you'll receive the fee. 

Each referral fee will be paid upon binding of coverage.

Over 500 units = $1,000

Between 300 and 500 units = $750

Between 150-300 units = $500

Between 70-150 units = $250

Between 20-69 Units = $150

Less than 20 units, including houses/condos (SFRs) = $25 

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