Liability Insurance Coverage


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Types of Coverage

  • Public Liability: Whether you own residential or a commercial property, you want to protect yourself against liabilities of damage to other persons and their possessions while they are visiting your property.   If you forget to put salt down on the sidewalk during the winter and the mailman slips and falls, you’re liable for the damages.  If somebody falls down your stairs and sprains their ankle, you’re liable.  You can have reasonably safe premises, but this does not guarantee that you are safe from a liability lawsuit.  This insurance coverage plan makes sure that you stay in your home, or your business keeps running no matter what happens.
  • Product Liability: You’ve taken every step to make sure that you have a quality product for your customers, but not all potential harms can be accounted for.  Product liability protects your business from damages, especially unforeseen ones.  Often this occurs when a consumer uses a product in a way it wasn’t intended to be used.  The insurer will be able to advise on these cases, such as putting a “CAUTION: HOT” label on a paper coffee cup or “cook before eating” on a frozen pizza.  Even then, there will always be a creative way for somebody to use a product.  Even the insurer will not be able to foresee all extreme cases.  But if you are insured, than you are protected against any damages caused by your product.
  • Employers: If you are an employer, you have a lot of potential liability claims to think about.  The obvious claims come from safety concerns for companies involving labor such as a construction company or manufacturing.  If you’re in an office, you’re not home free.  If an employee develops carpel tunnel because the desk and seat are not level with each other, you can be liable.  Other simple injuries occur all the time.  Pens, staples, scissors, and paper slicers are all common sharp office items that can cause bodily harm.  Having liability coverage is the only sure way that you are protected against common accidents such as these.