The RRD Partners with Wise Agent

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We are proud to announce the partnership of The RRD with Wise Agent.  Wise Agent is an organizer and CRM tool that helps real estate agents to follow up on their leads at the right time.  They can set up drip campaigns, send out mass email letters, and more.  Meanwhile, The RRD is like an online super market for real estate professionals to get the things that they need for a property.   Here are the ways that Wise Agent and The RRD crossover…

real estate agent

Wise Agent


1. Wise Agent provides an organizer for all of the vendors you have ever been in contact with.  It also conveniently organizes your client’s vendors.

1. The RRD provides a search engine to find the vendors most relevant to your needs so that you don’t have to go through a rigorous search process.

2. Wise Agent organizes your property information such as lock box info, price, amenities, and other important agent notes on the property.

2. The RRD organizes other important property information such as the number of people who have applied for rent at your property, the number of incidents reported, screenings run, and more on the dashboard. 

3. Wise Agent helps you connect your clients to the properties you find elsewhere on the web directly within their system. 

3. The RRD is providing a commercial and residential property search engine.  We can help you find your buying clients the right property for them buy or lease into.  You also now have more tools at your disposal for getting a property sold or leased through our site.  

4. Wise Agent helps you keep track of the insurance needs on your property.

4. The RRD connects you to a free quote on property, liability, and renters insurance.