FREE Incident Reporting for Real Estate Pros

Just because someone has good credit doesn’t mean they will be a good tenant.

theRRD created their FREE incident reporting for landlords, property managers, property owners and real estate agents. Our proprietary system allows for tracking and recording of leasing incidents and violations that occur on the property. With theRRD you can track and view skips, evictions, criminal activity, nonpayment of rent, unauthorized tenants (proxy renters) and damages to property.

The system was designed to enhance the tenant screening reports that are pulled by any of the tenant screening companies, the system allows individuals that have a permissible purpose to pull reports on individuals that have damaged the property, skipped on their rent, noise issues and more. theRRD tenant screening reports automatically pull from the incident reporting database each time.

Due to theRRD being viewed as a credit reporting agency by the federal government, we do not tolerate blacklisting of tenants. No dollar amounts are allowed in our database and real estate professionals must have a permissible purpose and be approved to input and search incidences.

We are Fair Credit Reporting Act Compliant and there is a dispute process for anyone who believes that they have been wrongly input into our system. Our registered members are equipped with an addendum to their lease in their welcome packet, that every new resident will sign. This provides them notification that if a tenant violates any terms of their lease they may be added to our system.

To register with theRRD Incident Reporting database, visit our sign-up page.

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