How our Incident Reporting Database Benefits Law Enforcement

theRRD offers to Property Managers and Landlords an incident reporting database that keeps track of lease violations, including crimes committed on property, in their community.  This database is the first database that is Fair Credit Reporting Act compliant, with verifiable information, and a government approved dispute process.  This has indirect, but strong benefits for local law enforcement and crime free advocates.  By promoting the incident reporting database to landlords, you’ll be empowering people to help reduce crime in your communities,.  Here are the benefits:

  1. In addition to lease violations, our database also keeps track of on-property crime committed by residents and their guests and shares information in real time with other landlords in the area about crime related evictions.
  2. It enables community leaders to work together to get the negative elements out of their neighborhood.
  3. The system is 100% free.
  4. Many police departments are already enthusiastic about the system…

Officer Tamara Gulisano

Palatine Police Department

Palatine, Illinois 

As a coordinator for the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program, I am working daily to assist landlords and tenants with their respective problems.  Many landlords search for a way to share information with other landlords and have difficulty finding a company that incorporates all of their needs into one website.  The Rent Rite Directory is one of those valuable resources that our landlords have been looking for.  While this is still new in our area, it is a resource that is desperately needed to help our landlords research potential renters before allowing them to move onto their properties.  Everyone has a responsibility to the community and our landlords are no exception.  Having a resource like The RRD is invaluable and I am proud to provide their business pamphlets at each of my seminars.  Every landlord that participates is one more landlord taking needed steps to safeguard our communities.

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