Sex Offenders Come From All Walks of Life

In New York City, investigators are cracking down on child pornography usage and sales big time.  70 people have been arrested so far including a rabbi, boy scout leader, police officer, and a paramedic.  These are people who occupy normally honorable and trustworthy positions in society and really reinforces the fact that regardless of how a person may seem in person, you never know what’s underneath the surface.  They may check out when undergoing a screening, but then will still have a 2nd life that very few know anything about.

The best way to prevent this kind of activity is through shared information in the community.  Incident reporting is a great way for landlords to protect their communities because they can help to create a paper trail on criminal activity, or even just suspicious activity that may not otherwise be easily traceable.  It empowers you to prevent unsavory people from renting in your property and provides you with a tool to protect other landlords as well.  Help us to build better and safer communities today!

Our system gives tenants the ability to use our appeals process when there is a dispute about the information in our system for accuracy.

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