theRRD offers instant tenant screening for agents, property managers

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Aiming to be a one-stop shop for property managers, company reaches far and wide in its service offerings

Kimberly Manning, Inman News  Jul 2, 2015

Just a couple months after its rebrand, theRRD is aiming to be a one-stop-shop solution for real estate agents, property managers and landlords throughout the nation.

Based in Dallas, the company officially launched in 2010 as solely an incident reporting liaison for property managers and landlords, and has since broadened its reach to various facets of the real estate industry.

Upon starting, the company was largely focused on making it possible for property managers and landlords to report and view any lease violations that do not end in eviction and/or a credit issue, such as property damage or missed rent — anything that doesn’t lead to a legal process.

Because theRRD handles reporting of violations and disputes, it is technically treated as a credit bureau by the property manager and tenants.

This platform came about when apartment complexes started offering move-in specials like a one-time $99 down to move in. Property managers were finding that individuals were taking advantage of these offers and then, at month’s end, they found the tenants had moved out — many of them to nearby complexes with similar offers.

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Because of the small amount of money being wasted, it wasn’t economical to take people to court. TheRRD tracked these violations so property managers could keep tabs on them.

This free proprietary service is the company’s foundation, but it has continued to evolve service offerings around this type of reporting.

TheRRD offers instant tenant screening as an alternative to credit data


Instant tenant screening is theRRD’s solution for agents and property managers who want access to credit data but don’t have access to a full credit report. The screening is offered to property managers with one to 20 units and is a summary credit and criminal background report. Currently offered only during office hours, it is slated to become a 24/7 service for landlords in the coming weeks.

The company’s website also has resources such as vendors with a rating system; insurance information for liability, renters and property; energy provider solutions; and employment screening.

Still in the infancy of the rebrand, many of the company’s additional services are not fully fleshed out — such as the listing page for rental and real estate properties. However, in the coming months, theRRD hopes to build out its consumer-facing solutions as a sub-brand so they are easier to access and more comprehensive.

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