theRRD Announces The Hiring Of A New Vice President Of Sales From Within The Company
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  • Posted on July 3, 2015
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DALLAS, TX, 03/24/15 – (, a website that simplifies the needs of real estate professionals, is pleased to announce the advancement of Mr. Mason Andrew Kelly to “Vice President of Sales” after several months of consideration. Once he arrived at theRRD, it was mutually agreed that he will be responsible for growing and managing the sales organization as well as continuing to drive the company’s exponential growth. Mr. Kelly attended every meeting that his mother and C.O.O. for theRRD, Angie Grimes, was involved with so the ownership determined that he is abreast on the undertaking in front of him. “Our firm has been working closely with Mr. Kelly over the past 9 months to ensure that he can deliver continued rapid growth and maintain his appetite for success. We were originally concerned of his management ability due to his young age and his occasional kicks that sometimes disrupts the other staff, but he has proven to be able to deliver results right on time (or in some cases a bit early as he beat his due date by 24hrs) and to be highly competent in managing his COO - Mother very well. We are very excited to have him on board as our new Vice President of Sales,” says George Pino (partner in theRRD).

On A Serious Note…

Under Angie’s leadership, theRRD will soon be featuring a new way that its product line is implemented. After this transition, clients will be on a streamlined pricing structure for ease and efficiency. Rather than paying for individual screening, clients will have a monthly membership package that allows them to run all of their reports. Additionally, based on the package selection, our clients will benefit from other valuable products and service offerings; such as free employment postings, free employment screening, and free property postings. The website will also see an improved user experience and navigation with an overall refreshed look and feel. Clients will have a simpler and more intuitive experience when accessing all of the services that theRRD has to offer.

About theRRD

theRRD began in 2010 providing the Real Estate Industry a free way to report and track tenants that demonstrated a history of skips, frequency of late payment of rent, evictions, damages, noise on premises, and other lease violations. Since those beginnings, we have grown to include a number of services that benefit real estate professionals and reduce the amount of time they need to spend on the web. Our central product is Tenant Screening, which allows real estate professionals to check credit, rental, and employment history, criminal background, and much more. theRRD also offers a myriad of products and services including, but not limited to, employment screening, employment postings, real estate listings (including for sale and lease), insurance (property, liability, and renters), and a vendor services locator.