Interior Design Favorites: Living Spaces

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  • Posted on July 2, 2015
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Below are 5 awesome living space designs:

1. Traditional Elegance

I love how the light paint colors in this “traditionally elegant” space amplify the natural light flowing in from the windows on either side of the exquisite marble fireplace. Not only do I adore the look of the antique mirror on top of the mantle, but it further magnifies the natural light by reflecting it across the space, making the room seem very bright and open. I think the faux zebra pelt on the floor is a nice touch, adding a little bit of edge to an otherwise traditional-looking décor scheme. The dark wood floors add a very nice contrast to the rest of the light colors in the room, and the pink roses add a perfect pop of color among an otherwise neutral palette.

2. Old World Eclectic 

It can be hard to pull off a room with such dominant dark paint colors, but this space makes it seem effortless. You can tell that the ceiling is very high, and there are lots of windows to emit natural light, so that the space doesn’t become closed in by the dark wall and floor colors. I love the old world design elements, like the fireplace, wall décor, and chandelier mixed with modern pieces like the rug, zebra-print ottoman, and asymmetrical table. This space has a masculine feel to it, but remains ultra luxe and sophisticated looking.


3. Hollywood Glam

One word – Lucite. Lucite furniture is by far my favorite - tables, chairs, trunks, anything and everything. The key to using Lucite pieces, I feel, is to use them sparingly, interspersing them with pieces made from other materials. I love the way the table is set amongst all kinds of other textures – like the fur throw on the couch and molding on the walls. I like the contrast the checkerboard adds, and the pop of color from the flowers. This is a very feminine, sophisticated room. All it lacks is a glass of champagne!


4. Sophisticated Jewel-Toned

Here is another example of a dark wall done right. The dark, saturated teal color isn’t overbearing or enclosing the room because of the white ceiling and mantle. The art on the walls also seems to help break up the darkness quite well. My favorite element, though, is the antique chair with striped green upholstery. I just love the shape of the chair and the contrast of the bright green to the dark teal walls. The funky color and print of the floor rug helps break up the antique feel of the room. I also really like the style of the chandelier (what little you can see of it in the photo).


5. Modern Chic

This room is all about sunlight and the muted grey-navy color scheme. While still considered a neutral, this color has a lot of boldness to it at the same time. It pairs well with a lot of the geometric shapes in the furniture and patterned area rug. Florals add a nice organic touch to break up all of the rigidity of the geometric shapes. The huge windows flood the room with light, highlighting the really cool modern chandelier. I also really love the color blocking going on with the creme couch and matching wall behind it.