If You Are Not Advertising your Property Rentals On Social Networks You Should Be

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  • Posted on December 18, 2017
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We are always looking for the best ways to advertise our rental properties for lease with the company that will give us the best reach for the best price, if you keep your social networks current and active they may be the best way to reach potential new renters.

Here’s how:

1) The majority of your target audience is on social networks

- By keeping your listings current you can ask friends, family members, and current tenants to like and share your listing posts casting an even a wider net within the community.  Larger exposure will equate to quicker rentals.

2) Photography Is Important

- be sure the photos you use are quality and show the entire property, especially areas you feel should be highlighted. Remember you want them to click onto your post to check it out, make it inviting.

3) Monitor Your Posts and Respond To All Comments

-Be sure to respond to all comments in a timely manner, especially those that ask if/when they can see the property. If this comment came from a friends reposting of your post then be sure to reach out and thank them for the help. Everyone loves a thank you.

Be especially aware of “internet trolls” that may post a negative comment just for the sake of it.  Respond in a professional way, a good strategy would be to ask why, or how they have experience with your property, if it is a valid complaint, thank them for bringing it to your attention, and let them know it is being addressed.

4) Don’t Be Afraid To Repost

- The number of people seeing your post is not as great as you would think as there are so many posts that are vying for their attention.

5) Potential higher Quality Tenant

- Being that the potential new tenant has a good chance of coming from someone you know or already resides in your property it is a higher possibility that they will be a quality tenant.

Of course you want to be careful as with anything in social media there are scammers and others that can prey on information so be cautious of what is placed into your posts and as always be sure you run a background check and don’t do your showings without others in your company coming along or at least have them nearby.