A Gift Guide for New Homeowners

Whether it’s a newlywed couple or old friends who have upgraded their house, buying a house is a huge accomplishment, so why not give them something to commemorate their achievement? A thoughtful gift for new homeowners is something sweet, stylish, and makes life easier after the grueling process of house hunting. Check out this list of the best gifts to give those who just purchased a new home.


  • Lawn Care - You know how you are not supposed to give a gift based on what you want? Here is the exception. If their new property has plenty of green- that is, grass- give the homeowners a break and hire lawn care professionals to take care of the yard. Nobody loves mowing the lawn and this gift will give them a break so they don’t have to spend their already limited time doing this back-breaking chore. The national average cost to mow and maintain a lawn is $148.
  • Electronic Keypad Door Handle - They will never have to worry about locking their keys inside ever again with this gift. Modern electronic keypad door handles are easy to install and even easier to use. They simply program it to its own numeric code and voilá! They are inside. These are particularly helpful when you have your hands full of grocery bags and the keys are buried deep in your purse.
  • An Absorbent Doormat - Your friends or family can keep their floors looking pristine when they wipe their shoes on an absorbent doormat that picks up dirt and mud. These handy entryway accessories also work on dog paws, so it’s perfect for the new homeowners with pets.
  • A Super Cozy Blanket - Give the new homeowners the gift of comfort with an extra soft, extra warm throw blanket. Find them something a little extravagant- nothing they would buy for themselves- but still a classic style. If you are unsure about their living room’s color scheme, go with neutrals for a no-fail match. Or you can just save the gift receipt. It’s your choice, but if you pick them something super cozy, chances are they’ll love it just the way it is.
  • Hydroponic Herb Growing Kit - Do the new homeowners love to cook? A hydroponic herb growing set is perfect for providing them with fresh flavor all year long. These handy kits can fit in a kitchen windowsill and can grow all the favorites. Do they love cooking Italian? Pick up one with oregano seeds. Do they live for Taco Tuesday? Grab some cilantro.
  • Breakfast-In-Bed Trays - This is one of those things you never think to buy for yourself… which means it’s the perfect gift! Trays to eat breakfast-in-bed are perfect for sick days, holidays, any day! And they’re not limited to the bedroom either. They make perfect little table tops for weekend binging Netflix… if that’s their kind of thing!

If you have friends or family who have recently purchased a new home, commemorate their achievement with a gift that celebrates it. Give their backs a break and hire a lawn mowing service that will take care of the weeds come springtime. Or grab them something that they’d never buy themselves like a cozy throw blanket or trays for breakfast-in-bed. Encourage their inner home chef with a hydroponic herb garden or help keep their floors clean with a super absorbent doormat. If they are super forgetful or their hands are always full, an electronic keypad door handle is the perfect gift this holiday season. Whatever you choose, they’ll love it as long as it comes from your heart.

Article by Paul Denikin from dadknowsdiy.com

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