Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Rental Properties

  1. They say that more millionaires made their money through real estate then through any other means. There are of course many avenues for investing in real estate, but I’ve always preferred rental properties for various reasons: Real estate investing can be simple and straight forward to get started- The pathway to investing in real estate can be quite simple, you can start talking to experienced investors, read a few of the thousands of books available to learn the basics. Once you have the down payment saved and an understanding of property management (or hire a professional to help you manage) you can start.
  2. Ability to invest with leverage- By using leverage you can spread your investment wider and be more diversified. Also, if interest rates are lower than what the current return on the property is, you will effectively be borrowing money for less than what you make on it, thus increasing your return.
  3. Utilizing your connections is a good investment- Utilizing your connections in the real estate industry is key to finding the right investments, in some other industries it might be considered insider trading.
  4. Stability and Predictability- The real estate market is one of the more stable and predictable investments you can make, do the proper due diligence and manage the assets with care and you will find that it will end up better than most other investments.
  5. Multiple ways to grow your investment- With a real estate investment you have multiple ways to help your money grow, rental revenue, tax deductions and appreciation.

These are just a few ideas on why we believe the real estate industry is a great place to invest, continuous growth for many years to come.

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