Helpful tips for not stressing out your pet when you move

As we all know moving can be a very stressful time for us all, your pets are creatures of habit so this change will be just as stressful on them if not more so and the last thing you need to worry about is how well your pet will adapt to the change in their environment. Here are some tips to help them make the transition into their new home.

  • Keep them on the same schedule

Be sure you keep them on their same eating schedule or if it’s a dog try to keep their daily walks at about the same time, this can be difficult if you are moving to a different time zone, so try to acclimate them slowly, by keeping to the same times from your previous time zone, but slowly changing the schedule, professionals recommend changing/adjusting about 15 minutes per day

  • Keep smells as similar as possible

It’s really helpful to remember that they rely on smell as much as sight so it can be a good to not wash their belongings for the first days of living in the new place.  Also, when leaving for work or shopping, try to leave an unwashed t-shirt in their bed, or around where they lounge.

  • Pack their items last

When you pack make sure you pack their items like toys and bedding last so they can stay as comfortable as possible and when you arrive make it the first items you unpack and put out for them.

  • Put them in a room while you unpack

Put them in a room with their items as you unpack, it will be easier for them to adjust once you have the place as close to unpacked as possible so there will be some similarities ie: the familiar couch or dining table are in their place.

  • Take them out frequently

If you have a dog, take them out on walks more frequently than you would normally do so.  Get them used to the area and knowing where their new home is.  When you get home from your walk, give them a treat so they associate the new residence with a happy place.  This will also get them used to knowing where to go, should they become lost.

  • Make sure tags and chips are updated

No matter what you do you cannot eliminate all of your pets stress and when they are stressed is when they are most likely to try and get out, be sure they are chipped and the chip contact information is up to date with  any new contact info and their tags/registration have been updated with their new address.


I hope these tips help you and your pets with a more comfortable move.

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