In Honor of Earth Day - Tips to Make Your Property More Earth Friendly!

by Joe Killinger

These tips can help you save money and help mother earth!

  • SAVE WATER - Start by cutting back watering to 1 day per week in the late afternoon (less evaporation overnight, than during the day) and regularly check for leaks in your irrigation systems.
  • UPGRADE YOUR IRRIGATION - Installing drip irrigation or greywater recycling, this may pay for itself over the long term through significant reductions in water use.
  • PLANT MORE LOW WATER TREES - Adding more trees to your landscape design can create many benefits, improving the aesthetics of your property as well as strategically placing trees around a property also can help shield lower floors from direct sunlight, reducing heating and cooling costs year-round.
  • CHOOSE YOUR PLANTS WISELY - When you are doing your landscaping be sure to choose low water plants and trees and be sure they are ideal plants for your climate. Also, look for indigenous plants to the area, these trees and plants are used to surviving on just the rainwater that is typical for the area.
  • CONSIDER COMPOSTING - Many communities now offer professional composting services that turn a tenant’s paper and food waste into nutrient-rich compost that can help your lawn stay green.
  • LOWER YOUR UTILITIES - Be sure you look into low flow toilets, shower heads as well as energy efficient lighting in and around your property. If your water heater/boiler is centralized or has a long way to go to service the furthest fixture, consider a recirculating pump so that a tenant won’t have to run a faucet for minutes just to get a few seconds of hot water.
  • GIVE YOUR RESIDENTS RECYCLABLE GROCERY BAGS - This small investment will save your maintenance crew from having to pick up plastic bags from around your property as well as offer you a place to advertise your community if you chose to have the bags printed with your property information.
  • CELEBRATE EARTH DAY WITH YOUR RESIDENTS - Let them know you care about our Earth and let them celebrate with you and use this opportunity to create awareness!


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