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By: Thomas M. Brophy, Director of Research

I, much like many of you, am inundated on a daily basis with news articles, press releases, pop-up ads, etc. talking about this or that new CRE tech launch which, sardonically, is supposed to solve all your tenant, client, customer etc. problems. Nonetheless, from time-to-time, a few companies stand-out which, I believe, solve real world problems such as Capitol Concierge, Restored Resources and IrriGreen. It is in this similar vein that I would like to review a new CRE tech company which recently caught my attention, theRRD.

It should be noted that I have not used, nor do I know anyone who has used RRD’s services. My interest in RRD traces back to my days managing several small apartment/SFR investment properties. Being a part-time landlord and having full time employment elsewhere, the issues I faced, i.e. tenant credit/criminal background checks, finding vendor services, for lease postings etc., were very time consuming. As such, if RRD were around back then they could have helped solve my time management issue through its centralized tracking/reporting system.

About RRD
According to their website, RRD provides the ultimate tool for landlords, property managers, and real estate agents. Our products and services allow real estate professionals to screen tenants, report and view incidents for lease violations, list properties for sale or rental, post open positions for employment, search for vendors and more.

Our streamlined technology, coupled with our comprehensive data deliverly approach, allows users to make immediate and informed decisions. This allows real estate professionals to reduce the amount of time they need to spend screening applicants and see their results all in one place. RRD began by providing the real estate industry with the first and only free way to report and track credit checks that is Fair Credit Reporting Act Compliant.

Detailed below is a comprehensive list of RRD’s product and service offerings:

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