TheRRD announces preferred membership packages at tiered price points
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  • Posted on July 31, 2015
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Packages also include credit score checks, identity verification and more

Kimberly Manning, Inman News Jul 29, 2015


  • TheRRD announces customizable packages with tenant screening, as well as credit checks, incident reporting, bankruptcy reporting and identity verification.
  • The base package starts at $34.99 per month and includes one to three transactions.
  • TheRRD also has a number of services and reports in its a la carte package offerings.

TheRRD has been a provider of services like tenant screening to small property management teams and landlords. Recently, the company announced a way for these individuals to get all the services they need in one package.

Given that many of these independent and small groups can’t afford to spend a large sum of money on these types of services, theRRD recently announced its client-centric membership packages that bundle services together at a competitive price.

“We are excited about the opportunity to give property owners and managers these screening options, since we are first to market with this type of product,” said Angie Grimes, COO of theRRD.

“Here, real estate professionals and property managers can better forecast expenses and income, screen tenants using industry-leading technology and even purchase insurance at a fraction of the cost of doing these actions individually.”

The preferred membership packages are offered at as low as $11.66 per transaction and a base cost of $34.99 a month. This includes incident reporting, TransUnion credit report and FICO score, Social Security number validation, bankruptcy report and national criminal records search.


Price is dependent on the number of transactions made. Going up in tiers, the higher the price and larger the quantity of units, the more offerings available. Each month property managers start at the base cost of $34.99 and move up to the next tier based on what offerings are used that month.

For example, tier 11 is listed for 90 to 99 transactions each month and includes everything in the base package as well as pre-employment standard screening, property listing, identification verification, OFAC Patriot Act search, Experian credit report and more.

Property managers are also able to customize their service package based on their specific company needs. These packages don’t require any ongoing membership.

TheRRD also offers 19 different services, reports and screenings as add-ons to packages in a la carte style.

The screenings are generated instantly online for property managers 24/7/365, so there is no longer waiting for business hours to receive a report.

TheRRD is so confident in its product offerings that it is promoting a 20 percent fee reduction for anyone with a current screening provider who’s willing to switch over.

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