Tenants Caught Owing $40,000 in Rent to 8 Different Landlords

According to CBC, two tenants went around from apartment to apartment scamming as they go for the past 2 1/2 years.  They look pretty innocent in this photo don’t they?  What’s the total amount of money that they owe?  Almost $40,000!  “They know every single rule in the book,” Matthew Huotari, the eighth landlord to come forward told CBC.  Finally Landlords started wising up.  Now they’re working together to expose the scam.  This story of how landlords watched out for one another is inspiring for us at The RRD to do what we do.

While this story should be unnerving to landlords everywhere, it could have been avoided by older landlords making the information available for future ones.  This is what motivated us to create our incident reporting tool.  It’s a free service that enables landlords to upload documents and other information detailing the issues they encountered with a tenant.  By making this information public, landlords can help to prevent future problems and create better communities.  CBC advises landlords to cross check their tenants ID information with previous landlords and there is no better way to make this possible than our incident reporting system.

Property owners should also consider tenant screening services to prevent this kind of disaster from happening to them.  Using a cheap screening service mat not be enough for cases like these.  The RRD provides a comprehensive screening that cross-references across multiple sources to ensure a thorough understanding of exactly what kind of renter you’re about to receive into your property.  We can provide you a larger number of checks, a la carte and at an excellent value.

The RRD is a credit reporting agency in compliance with the fair credit reporting act.  Tenants are able to make appeals here.

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