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Finally there is a one-stop website for real estate professionals.  You can screen prospective tenantsreport property incidents, find real estate employees, post your listings for rent and for sale, manage vendors, and much more!    

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“I have been a property manager and investor for many years, and the biggest bottle neck that my company faced was the oversight of applicants. Thanks to the RRD I now have the ability to oversee all of the reports from my dashboard, override results when needed, and make more informed decisions, allowing only tenants that fit our company criteria to be approved - this took away the element of human error."

“The RRD team has been helpful and informative. They have been responsive 7 days a week to any questions I have about my tenant screening needs, and offer competitive pricing for an extremely easy to use system, that is fast and effective.” 

"An important tool, that every apartment community needs."