Safety Tips for Holiday Season

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  • Posted on June 13, 2015
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The Holiday season is here! People are beginning to decorate both inside and outside their apartment or house.  Here are some tips for you to have a safe and pleasant holiday:

  • Make sure your extension cords aren’t frayed and the outlet is good.
  • Make sure you have shut off all the decoration lights before you go to bed.  Don’t leave yellow candles on when you go out or go to bed.
  • If you are using a fireplace, make sure it is completely out before you go to bed, even if it’s a propane fireplace!
  • If you have purchased a real Christmas tree, water it regularly.  Dry pine needles and hot lights don’t mix very well!
  • Don’t use a space heater in your home. If it isn’t warm enough, you can call property management company to check your heating system.
  • If you have decoration lights outdoors, please make sure the extension cord you use to hook up your lights is suitable to be used outside. If it is long, use tape but not nails so that it won’t be accidentally punctured.
  • After the holiday season, remember to take your lights down.  Leaving them up for too long can cause excessive wear and tear.